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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to the choice of the instruments:

Q. What is the difference between your models?

A. You can read in this article briefly about our models: A full list of models:

Q. I have never played such instruments before. What model would you recommend for a beginner?

A. In fact, any of our models is easy to master. So, regarding the technique of playing, they are equivalent. Therefore, we would recommend buying the first model based on your budget and preferences.

Q. I want to order an instrument, the sound of which most resembles the sound of HandPan.

A. In this case, we definitely can recommend models Guda 2.0 with Steelpan option and Guda Double. They have the central tongue note (an analog of the ding in handpans), a similar size and shape.

Q. I travel a lot. Which model is the best for a traveler?

A. If you travel on foot and the dimensions of the instrument play a significant role, then the Guda Freezbee model will be the right choice. Its diameter is only 35 cm (14"), and the thickness is 10 cm (4"). The same sizes have Coin and Ortus models

Q. I like Oriental music. Do you have instruments with oriental scales?

A: Sure. The most popular Middle Eastern (usually associated with the Arabian, Jewish music) scales in our range are Hijaz, Kurd, Gypsy Minor, Lowbery. Also, there are several Japanese scales in our assortment - Hokkaido, Akebono. Wonderful major Indian scale is Raga Desh. And, of course, we can make new scale on the request of a client.

Q. I can not choose between the scales. Advise some universal and popular one.

A. The most popular and universal scales that suit different types of music - Minor pentatonic (African), Enigma (Arcane), Zen Trance, Celtic Minor, Equinox

Q. Advise the scale for meditation, relaxation.

A. It is hard to give the simple advice because meditation, relaxation, and trans are individual processes for each person. Personally, I like such scales as Enigma, Zen Trance, Relax, Raga Desh. But you can like others - a lot depends on your inner self, as well as on the manner of playing, tempo, and rhythm

Q. Do you tune tongue drums to 432 Hz?

A. Yes, we do. By default, we tune Guda Drum to 440 Hz, but at the customer's request, we also tune instruments to 432 Hz. For more information about tuning to 432 Hz, you can read in this article:

Q: Is it possible to make the custom scale?

A. Yes, of course, we make custom scales. It is necessary to take into account the range of our instruments, as well as the physical nature of sound in the tongue drums. Therefore, all atypical scales are discussed with the client before ordering. Also, we always shoot video of such instruments before sending it to the client.

Q. I want to order a custom design. Is this possible? How much is it?

A. Yes, we make custom designs. To make it we need you to send us a sketch, a photo, a picture of your design on the mailbox. After that, we will say whether we can make such a design on the instrument and whether it will look as well as at the picture and announce the price. It depends on the complexity of the work and the amount of time spent.


Questions related to ordering and delivery of the instruments:

Q: How can I purchase the Guda Drum?
A: You can buy a ready-made instrument, you can see the list of instruments in the Store section. Also, you can make a custom-made instrument order. To do this, fill out the order form or simply write us on the mail box

Q: Do you have a waiting list? How long shall I wait for my order?

A: Usually, all instruments are taken to work immediately after payment. Items from the store are sent to the client within a few days. Instruments on request are made within 3 to 10 days, depending on the model, options, complexity of the order. In the pre-holiday days we have a huge number of orders and then the manufacturing time may slightly increase. In this case, we always inform our customers.

Q: What are the payment options for the order? Which payment systems do you use?

A: We accept credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, SWIFT payments, transfers through WesternUnion and MoneyGram systems, Privat 24

Q: Do you work on prepay? What is its size?

A: Like all other manufacturers of similar products, we work on 100% prepayment. We have been on the musical instruments market for a long time, there are many positive reviews on the Internet, and reputation is more important to us than money. We provide our clients with extensive consultations in the selection process, and we use a proven international carrier, all of our instruments are tested before shipping. On the request of the client, we can send a photo or video of his new instrument before sending. As for the exact price of the instrument, the final price is influenced by several factors, such as the variety of the instrument (Guda "Standard," Guda FX, Guda Plus, etc.) and the complexity of the design. Please, contact our manager, and he will gladly answer all your questions.

Q: What shipping carriers do you use?

A: At the moment we use two international delivery services - EMS and UPS. Both services have proved themselves well for a long time.

Q: To what countries do you deliver? How long does the parcel fly to America (Europe, Russia, China, CIS countries, etc.)

A: Almost to all countries in the world, to which air delivery is available. Today, for international deliveries, we mainly use the services of the EMS and UPS. Usually, the shipping time for Europe, the CIS and the US is about 5-7 days.
Delivery to CIS countries, along with EMS mail, is also possible by regular postal services (Mail of Russia, Belopochta, UkrPochta, etc.). The cost of services is calculated according to their internal tariffs. It should also be noted that the cost of the services of these postal companies is 25-40% cheaper than the cost of EMS services, but the shipping time can be several times longer.

Q: Is it possible to pay the shipping cost on arrival? Is there a possibility of cash on delivery (for example, in the CIS?)

A: According to the rules for the carriage of items by an international company EMS and UPS in Ukraine, the sender always pays for shipping. It applies to other postal services of the CIS (Post of Russia, Belopochta, UkrPochta, etc.). Cash on delivery is also unfortunately not possible because it is not provided at the legislative level among the CIS countries. Payment for delivery at the beneficiary's expense is possible only if the goods are shipped within the territory of Ukraine.

Q: How much the delivery cost?

A: The cost of delivery depends on the size of the parcel and country of the adressee. Approximate shipping costs for Europe and the CIS - from $ 70 to $ 90. USA and Canada - from $ 75 to $ 120, Asia, Australia, South America - from $ 90 to $ 150. You can ask the manager about the cost of delivery in your particular case when ordering. The cost of delivering several items at the same time is very profitable. For example, the delivery of one Guda (GUDA 2.0 Plus, Standard, Fx, Double) to USA is about $ 110, and the delivery of two is only $130. Delivery of one Freezbee in the US costs $ 80, and delivery of 5 pieces in one package - only $ 125

Q: I want to order several instruments. Can I expect to a discount?

A: Yes, we provide discounts if more than one instrument is ordered. We also give discounts to return customers. And we have special offers for distributors and stores. Discounts can be discussed with our manager.

Q: Do i have to pay customs fees?

A: In some countries customs takes fees for all imported items. In some - not. I never heard about customs fees taken in USA, for example. We are not responsible for customs fees. 

Q: Any COVID-10 issues?

Q: What are the shipping terms during quarantine or are there any issues with delivery due to COVID-19 ? 

A: Our company workds as ususal and without any delays. We are not resposible for possible delays during covid quarantine, however, we have no delays at all if the instrument is shipped with UPS, DHL or Fedex companies. Several delays occured when the parcels were shipped with regular post, but all delays were on the side of the country of the customer. All parcels leave Ukraine in time and wiithout delays. 

General issues. Accessories and stuff

Q: How loud is the Guda Drum?
A: We guess that GUDA is the loudest tongue drum on the market. It is due to the specifics of its design, materials, dimensions and the additional overtones (second note) which give the Guda's sound more density and strength. The instrument's volume is approximately about 70 -75 dB.

Q: Is your instrument made by hand or stamped?

A: The shells (hemispheres) for the instruments are manufactured in production conditions since the quality of the factory made shells is always higher than the ones made by hand. It completes the cycle of factory (machine) operations. Operations for grinding finishing, as well as laying out notes, cutting, gluing hemispheres, tuning and graving are made by the masters completely manually.


Issues related to use:

Q. How to properly care for the instrument?
A. The instrument is unpretentious in use, however, we advise you to take care of it carefully, as well as to any other musical instrument. For care and use, we wrote a short article, recommended for review:

Q: How long does the is the tuning stability?

A: For the time being, we do not have data on a sufficiently long tuning stability. Directly full production of the instruments began in the spring of 2014 (the first samples were produced in 2013). But according to our approximate calculations, and also based on the strength of the instrument material, we think that its tuning will remain unchanged for several years. Naturally, the tuning stability is also affected by the using conditions of the tongue drum.

Q: How reliable is the instrument rust protected?

A: All our tongue drums are made of stainless steel or stainless steel + aluminum, besides they have a decorative protective external coating. Therefore, our instruments are not afraid of a damp environment. However, we recommend not to use them in chemically aggressive environment and cause mechanical damage, it can brake the outer coating of the instrument.


Questions about electronics - internal and external pickups, pedals, etc.

We are currently working on the new chaper of the FAQ, it will be available on the separate page:



Main Features

  • Bright clean sound with rich overtones
  • Unique technology
  • Main sound + octave harmonics
  • Beautiful original design
  • Custom scales and designs available
  • Premium materials
  • High quality workmanship

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