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We were inspired by success of Guda Coin made of stainless steel and Aluminum and decided to continue our experiments. This time we combined brass and aluminum. So new instrument got the same dimensions (35 cm in diameter only) and features of Double - both sides have different tunings, top side has double tongue construction and the bottom has single tongues. But using brass open the new horizonts for us. Brass has very warm and deep charming sound, but what is more essential - it allows us to tune low notes on such small instruments.
The idea of creation of Guda Coin model was born after we have analysed our top sales. It turned out that the most popular models are Guda Freezbee and Guda Double. Freezbee is our most compact and cheap model and Double is our most advanced, large and expensive model. However both of these models are top of the pop.
Guda Ortus Brass is the unique overtone tongue drum - it is the first and the only tongue pan in the world that is made of brass. Top side of Guda Ortus has double tongues - combination of double tongue construction together with brass gives a deep and warm tone, with rich overtones and charming sound.
Guda Ortus is the first and the only tongue drum made from aluminum in the world. Also, Guda Ortus has a unique shape which in combination with the material gives a number of advantages: Very loud, bright and clean sound Long sustain Super light weight Stainless Goblet-like form allows you to conveniently hold the instrument on your laps New line of designs was developed especially for Guda Ortus:
Multi Fx Module by Zen percussion was created especially for our model Guda Fx tongue drum, but very soon it becomes popular among musicians that play different musical instruments. We decided to create more powerful electronics to replace Guda Fx first generation internal electronics. i.e. Guda Fx of the second generation has only the internal pickups, and all other electronics were put inside the Multi Fx module
Guda 2.0 Plus model differs from Guda 2.0 Standard model in that it comes with a central bass tongue (aka ding), that bears certain similarity to a handpan. The sound hole is located at the bottom; it is closed with a removable wooden plug decorated with a logo (sound of the instrument with the plug installed is more accurate and clear whereas removed plug makes Guda`s sound more diffuse, atmospheric).
Guda Double by Zen Percussion is more than just two-sided tongue drum. Both sides are adjusted in such a way that the sound of one is amplified by the other side. Thus, the effect of natural reverberation is achieved. Overall sound is very rich with huge sustain and pleasant overtones. We recommend Guda Double for meditation and relaxation. Also it is good for single playing - if play alone you have the feeling that someone accompanies you. Which of course does not prevent you from jamming with other musicians.
GUDA 2.0 Fx
More than three years of experience in creation and communication with our customers was a good source of advice for engineering our new model, which we plan to replace the first-generation lineup of Guda Drum. Zen-Percussion company proudly presents the new Guda 2.0 model - an improved version of our most popular model Guda Standard. Now all the models of our premium tongue drum lineup (Guda Standard, Guda Plus, and Guda Fx) will be produced in 2.0 format.
Introducing our new model - GUDA Neo. In the production of this model, we have taken into account more than three years experience in the production of the steel tongue drums, as well as the wishes of our customers.
Rope edging for GUDA drum and handpans We create this handwoven rope decoration as part of our GUDA designs. Also this attribute makes using of GUDA (as well as handpans) more comfortable. Rope edging comes by default for all GUDA models but can be purchased separately.  Some handpans or other tongue drums are equipped with our rope decorations by default too (for example, OMana handpans). This decoration does not affect the sound but gives more comfortable feel and look for the instrument. Can be easily worn or removed
So meet Freezbee - compact tongue drum, made from the same materials as our senior models, but with price less than twice. We use the same sort of high quality hard stainless steel as we use for all GUDA models and the same method of gluing.



Main Features

  • Bright clean sound with rich overtones
  • Unique technology
  • Main sound + octave harmonics
  • Beautiful original design
  • Custom scales and designs available
  • Premium materials

Customer Service

  • Personalized service
  • Fast terms of order execution
  • High quality workmanship and design
  • 4-7 days worldwide shipping
  • Discounts and bargain sales