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Guda drum by Zen Percussion

Guda - handpan steel tongue drums

We send all Guda Coin, Freezbee and Ortus models with UPS Express by default for all customers from USA and EU countries. 5-6 days shipping with no delays even before Holidays and during the quarantine!

Welcome to the official GUDA website. We are manufacturerers, so you can order any Guda with custom configuration or find some premade instruments in our store. GUDA is an unique instrument, which was previously considered as a hybrid of the tongue drum and handpan. That’s true - being essentially the tongue drum, GUDA inherited many family traits of handpans.

  • Geometry and dimensions of most of GUDA models as much as possible approached to handpans.
  • The production method is also very similar to the manufacturing technique oh handpans
  • Complex tongue construction gives the presence of octave harmonics in the sound (the same effect have handpans, pantams and steel pans).When played, GUDA produces the basic sound + sound an octave higher. These overtones (so-called "flageolets" make the sound brighter, louder and significantly expand the sonic palette.

Octave overtones (harmonics) are mixed to the main sound , but also can be played separately.

But now we can confidently state that GUDA has become a completely independent instrument, with its characteristic sound, original look and lots of features. We remain some classic Guda models but also developed several innovative models with unique shape, sizes and materials. Guda is the only tonguepan instrument on the market which is made from such materials as stainless steel, brass and aluminum. Combining these materials we achieve the wanted sound. Also, using such material allows us to build 100% rust resistant instruments which do not need special care.

The original designs of the instrument combined with well-chosen materials and skillful handcrafting make GUDA the most loud and well-sounding tongue idiophone. GUDA sound has nothing to do with the sound of other tongue drums (tank drums and else). Its sound is clear, deep, warm and bright at the same time, without metallic "taste."

In addition to its unique sound, GUDA tongue drums has another distinctive characteristic - exquisite decoration, made in various authentic styles. The design of GUDA is pretty refined and made entirely by hand. We were inspired by Indian (Mehendi), Mexican, Celtic, Eastern and Ukrainian ornaments and continue to investigate new designs

We are focused not only on authentic look and acoustic sound. We pay much attention to electronics, amplification and sound effects. Our models can be equipped with internal or external pickups (Guda Fx, OM pickups), preamp and effects modules.

Now Guda has several model lines: Guda 2.0, Guda Double, Guda Ortus, Guda Coin, Guda Neo, Guda Freezbee and each instrument can be loaded with lots of options.

Guda instruments can be made by order. You can choose from the variety of options - materials, scales, design and other. But also you can purchase the premade instruments in our Store

If you have some questions or want to purchase our instruments, please visit our Contact page or fill in the form


Main Features

  • Bright clean sound with rich overtones
  • Unique technology
  • Main sound + octave harmonics
  • Beautiful original design
  • Custom scales and designs available
  • Premium materials
  • High quality workmanship

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