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Orbis Mage pickups were designed especially for handpans and tongue drums. OM pickups are very useful for gigs, life performance, when it is hard to use condencer microphones or other studio equipment. But also you can use them in studio environtment or at home, for recording or just for fun. Pickups could be plugged in to your amp or sound mixer directly, also you can use various effect pedals, processors, preamps (for example, MultiFx box or Orbis Quattro pedal). It has standard 1/4" jack so you can use it with any sound device

OM pickups have several essential features:

• Active pickups - this means that the sound reproduced by such sensors is cleaner, stronger. The pickup has a built-in rechargable battery. You do not need to change it, you can easily recharge it with cable (comes with pickups) and usb charger or usb port of your computer
• Ease of use and versatility - the sensors have a built-in magnet, which allows them to be used with the vast majority of handpans and tongue drums.
• Flexible sound adjustment - the pickup can be fixed anywhere in your instrument, so you can adjust the sound by placing the pickups on different sections of your handpan or tongue drum

How to use Om active pickups?

For what instruments OM pickups are recommended?

  • For most of handpans and tongue drums. Almost all pans on the market are made of steel. So you can easily mount the pickup on the surface of the pan. The only pans on the market that are made of non-magnetic metal are Guda Ortus and Guda Coin (which are made of brass and aluminum). But Ortus and Coin have magnets on the bottom side (especially installed for using the OM pickups), so you can mount the pickup on these models without any problem

How many pickups I need to amplify my handpan (tongue drum). 

  • Well, you can use one or more pickups, this is up to you. Also depends on the size of the pan. We recommend to use 2 pickups for handpans and large tongue drums and 1 pickup for compact tongue drums or tank drums. You can place the pickups in different places of your pan, so you can vary the sound, getting more bass or high frequencies

What is the best place for OM pickup?

  • We recommend to place the on the rear side, like shown on the picture. But of course you can mount them everywhere else (even on your refrigerator, heh :) ), just find the sound you like more.

Tips for using pickups:

  1. Put the pickup on the surface of your instrument. Make sure it holds well.
  2. Insert the cable (small 1/8" jack) into pickup. Insert larger jack (1/4") into your amplifier (combo, pedal, sound mixer or else)
  3. Power on your amplifier. Play :) 
  4. Please disconnect the cable from the pickup after playing!  If you do not disconnect the cable, the battery insde the pickup will be discharged with time
  5. Do not allow the battery to fully discharge! this may lead to battery malefunction
  6. If you can't hear any sound from pickup, make sure that you have connected the cables to pickup and amp (and the amp is powered). If you stil ldo not hear the sound, than you should charge the battery
  7. Please insert the cable (use only cable that comes with OM pickup!) into pickup and to USB charger or USB port of your computer or laptop. The indicator on the cable will turn red. When the pickup is fully charged, the indicator changes its color to green. Use only our USB charger which is sent with pickup, other sources of power can destroy the pickup!



Main Features

  • Bright clean sound with rich overtones
  • Unique technology
  • Main sound + octave harmonics
  • Beautiful original design
  • Custom scales and designs available
  • Premium materials

Customer Service

  • Personalized service
  • Fast terms of order execution
  • High quality workmanship and design
  • 4-7 days worldwide shipping
  • Discounts and bargain sales