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Each Guda model has its own frequency range. This means that the lowest and highest notes for each model can be different. More info about notes and frequency range you can find here:

Below you can find our most popular scales (with notes for different models). We can also make custom scales at your demand but after consulting. Some models can have the same scales but in different keys. We show the most popular (by default) scales for Guda Plus 2.0 and Freezbe model in the table. The scales can have different notes on the other models! Especially it is true for Guda Double, Guda Coin, Guda Ortus models. Anyway, please ask about the notes and keys before buying, if it is essential for you (it could be essential if you are playing with other instruments which have certain tonality, such as tongue drums, handpans, some wind instruments and other)


Name Default Tuning for Guda Plus 2.0  Default Tuning for Freezbee Video
Akebono Key of A: (A) B C E F A B C E Key of A: A B C E F A B C Akebono video
African (minor pentatonic)

Key of G: (G) Bb C D F G Bb C D

Key of F: (F) Ab Bb C Eb F Ab Bb C

Key of A: A C D E G A C D  African video

(F) G Bb C Eb F G Bb C

(G) Bb C Eb F G Bb C Eb

Key of A: A C D F G A C D Avalon video


(Enigma in A)

Key of A: (A) C D E F G A C D Key of A: A C D E F G A C Watch video


Key of D: (D) F# A  C# D E F# A B    Aurora scale video

Key of D: (D) A C D E F G A C

Key of E: (E) B D E F# G A B D

The same as Arcane Celtic Minor video
Dorian     Dorian scale video


(Raga DeshTodi)

Key of G: (G) Bb C D Eb F G Bb C The same as Arcane Enigma video
Equinox Key of E: (E) G B C D E F# G B Key of A: A C E F G A B C Equinox video 
Gypsy Minor Key of A: (A) B C D# E F# G A B

Key of A: A B C D# E F# G A 

Key of B: B C# D E# F# G# A B

Gypsy Minor Video
Integral (F) C Db Eb F G Ab C Db   Integral scale Video

(F) G Ab B C D Eb F G

(D) A Bb Db D E F G A

A Bb Db D E F G A

C Db E F G Ab Bb C

Hijaz video
Hokkaido Key of A: (A) B C D E F A B D Key of A: A B C D E F A B Hokkaido video
Kurd: Key of D:  (D) A Bb C D E F G A

A Bb C D E F G A

C Db Eb F G AbB C

Kurd video

(D) G Bb Db D G Bb Db D

(G) Bb Db D G Bb Db D E


  Hutsul scale video
Lowbery (D) F# G А C D D# F# A

A Bb C Eb E Gb A C

C Db Eb F G AbB C

Lowbery tuning video
Major Pentatonic     MajPentatonic scale video
Mystic Key of D: (D) A Bb D E F A C D A Bb D E F A C D GUDA in Mystic tuning 
Phrygian (G) C D F G Ab B C D   Phrygian scale video
Pygmy Key of E: (E) A B C E G A B D   Pygmy scale video
RagaDesh Key of D: (D) F# G A C D F# G A B C D F G B C D Raga Desh tuning video
Relax Key of Eb: (Eb) Ab Bb D Eb G Ab Bb D A B D# E  G# A B D# Relax scale video

Key of D: (D) G A B C# D E F# A

  Sabye scale video
Sakti Key of D: (D) F# A B C# D F# A B  Key of A: A C D E F A C D  Sakti scale video
Shiva:   A C# D E G A C# D Shiva Scale Video

Key of E: (E3) G B D F# G B D E

Key of E: (E3) G B D E F# G B D

Key of D: (D) F A C E F A C D

Key of A: A C E G A B D E  Zen Trance video
Twiglight   B C# E F# A B C# D  Twiglight scale
Ukrainian Key of A: (A) B C D E F G A  C Key of C: C D D# F G G# Bb C Ukrainian scale video
Tonus Key of G: (G) A B D E F# G A B Key of Bb: Bb C D F G A Bb C Tonus scale video
Altus scale The same, as Tonus Key of C:  C D E G A B C D Altus scale video

10 and 11 notes scales for GUDA Plus

Sometimes we make also 10 and 11 notes instrument (Guda Plus 10, Guda Plus 11, Neo 10, Neo 11, Guda Double 10+10 or Guda Double 11+11).  We can expand standard scales or make a custom one with 10 or 11 notes. 

Custom scales

We can make any scale in the range of D3 - E5 for GUDA Plus 2.0 or Double,  (or A3 - E5 for Freezbee). Guda Coin has the range from E3 to B5.  Higher or lower notes can sound not so pure or have less sustain and loudness. We can discuss the demanded scale in private conversation. More info about the tone range is here:


Main Features

  • Bright clean sound with rich overtones
  • Unique technology
  • Main sound + octave harmonics
  • Beautiful original design
  • Custom scales and designs available
  • Premium materials

Customer Service

  • Personalized service
  • Fast terms of order execution
  • High quality workmanship and design
  • 4-7 days worldwide shipping
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