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Guda Double is our flagman model, it has the largest sizes, most advanced sound and gives extended abilities to player. As the name implies, Guda Double pan has both sides tuned. And this is a powerful feature that allows to have different scales on one instrument. But Guda Double by Zen Percussion is more than just two-sided tongue drum. Both sides are adjusted in such a way that the sound of one is amplified by the other side. Thus, the effect of natural reverberation is achieved. Overall sound is very rich with huge sustain and pleasant overtones. We recommend Guda Double for meditation and relaxation. Also it is good for single playing - if play alone you have the feeling that someone accompanies you. Which of course does not prevent you from jamming with other musicians.

Combining minor and major scale is the other essential feature of GUDA Double model. One side can be tuned in minor and other one - in major scale. Every side has its own mood but they sound perfect together. Also it is possible to tune both sides in minor keys or both sides in major keys. Most of scales combination you can watch here: Guda Double tunings

One side of Guda double has double tongue construction, another one - single tongue construction. This is done specifically to extend the use of drum and give additional features to player. Single tongues have more clean and percussive sound while double tongues have more overtones. However the sound of one side is combined with another that gives the ability to use the advantages of both sides simultaneously. I.e. when you are playing on one side you can hear like other side sounds too. So, you can hear bright overtones while playing single tongues side.

Fx upgrade can be made for Double model - we install 8 pickups (4 internal pickups on each side) and 2 output jacks. Also it is possible to use Guda Double with external OM pickups and with Orbis Quattro pedal which has 4 inputs and 2 outputs. These devices allow to use Guda Double in mono or stereo mode.



Main features and specification:

  • Materials: hard thick stainless steel
  • Diameter: 50 - 52 cm
  • Weight: 4,0 kg
  • 2 different but matched scales
  • Long sustain, rich overtones
  • Free bag, rope decoration and wooden plug(s)



Main Features

  • Bright clean sound with rich overtones
  • Unique technology
  • Main sound + octave harmonics
  • Beautiful original design
  • Custom scales and designs available
  • Premium materials
  • High quality workmanship

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