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More than three years of experience in creation and communication with our customers was a good source of advice for engineering our new model, which we plan to replace the first-generation lineup of Guda Drum.
Zen-Percussion company proudly presents the new Guda 2.0 model - an improved version of our most popular model Guda Standard. Now all the models of our premium tongue drum lineup (Guda Standard, Guda Plus, and Guda Fx) will be produced in 2.0 format.

The main advantages of the new model of the tongue drum Guda 2.0 by Zen-Percussion are:

  • Volume - drum has very loud sound, that street musicians and music jam lovers especially like.
  • Extra long sustain - duration of a single note is about 6-8 seconds (and in some cases even longer). Through the long sustain, the drum sound has become deeper and richer.
  • Improved playability and overall quality of the instrument

People who love meditation and relaxation techniques will appreciate this feature of our instruments. Comfort and variability of playing - you can play 2 different notes separately (basic or overtone) or play them at the same time.
So, let's consider the novelties and features of the new model.


The first thing, that strikes the eye is a new form of the tongue, which now has double construction. That construction allows to highlight the overtone more brightly, and besides, it gives the possibility to hit it separately from the main tone. Thereby, the sound of Guda 2.0 has become louder, brighter, and playing got a new potential.

The second improvement is about the materials. Like our previous model, Guda 2.0 is made of premium materials only, such as hard stainless steel or stainless steel+aluminium. But the steel grade and its thickness have been changed - Guda 2.0 is made of harder and thicker steel. This helped us to improve the performance characteristics, but the most important is that we have increased the drum sustain several times. Without false modesty, we would like to note, sustain of the Guda 2.0 tongue drum exceeds sustain of most handpans.

Finally, the making of instruments and also some internal nuances got some changes. We had especially carefully worked with the Guda 2.0 model focusing on stabilization and purity of the sound. We also offer an additional option - removable wooden plug, which allows to mute the sound slightly and to shorten the sustain (it comes with the Plus model by default).

Guda 2.0 is available both in new and old designs. Most of the scales for previous Guda are also available for the new model. Production of the new model is more difficult and more costly due to the tuning process and more expensive materials.
However, we reserve the same price for all regular customers and we start promos until the end of summer - you can purchase the Guda 2.0 tongue drum at the same price as our previous model.


  • Diameter: 500 mm
  • Height: mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Default material: stainless steel
  • Default set: the Guda 2.0 tongue drum, a high-quality travel bag and a  rope decoration.
  • Optional accessories: an aluminum bottom side, a removable wooden plug with a logo, mallets, pickups installation, Multi Fx pedal by Zen-Percussion.


Main Features

  • Bright clean sound with rich overtones
  • Unique technology
  • Main sound + octave harmonics
  • Beautiful original design
  • Custom scales and designs available
  • Premium materials
  • High quality workmanship

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