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Powerful Orbis Duo preamp/mixer/EQ/reverb pedal with a pair of OM active magnetic microphones (pickups) for handpans. Comes with power supply. Universal solution for all Guda models as well as for any other tongue drum or handpan. New updated version of Orbis Duo has also Phones output with Phones Volume knob

Price: 498$ 450.00$

Orbis Active Amplifications system - this is a complete professional solution for all types of handpans and tongue drums. It contains Orbis Duo preamp pedal and a pair of OM active magnetic pickups

Orbis Duo is a powerful instrument for the amplification of different types of instruments. Designed mostly for handpans and tongue drums it is also could be used with most electric or electric-acoustic instruments - guitars, basses, violins, etc. 

The main feature of Orbis Dou are combo inputs that allow to plug in both XLR balanced jacks and standard linear (or instrumental) 1/4" jacks. Moreover, it has 48V phantom power onboard. Thi feature was added specially for using it together with OM active pickups which have XLR jacks and need phantom power (as most of the professional equipment)

OM pickups are active - this means that they are using external power for better performance. Passive pickups could have a wrong response and incorrect reproduction of some frequencies and overall high level of noise and low performance. So we make pickups that have internal electronics and need external power, and Orbis Duo preamp is specially made for using it together with OM pickups. The latest version of Orbis Duo has also Phones output with Phones Volume knob, so you can use it even without external speaker, or use for monitoring while playing live jams

OM active pickups have a strong neodymium magnet inside and could be easily mounted in any place of your handpan. Please read full description and intructions here:

  • 2 channels - you can connect 2 pickups, or 2 guitars, or instrument with stereo output to Orbis Duo preamp. Each channel has its own volume control
  • Stereo or Mono output
  • Phones output with Phones Volume knob
  • Combo inputs (XLR or 1'4")
  • Switchable 48V phantom power
  • 3 band EQ. Turning EQ knobs you can find the desired sound for any type of instrument
  • Duo Reverb effect 
  • Analog circuit 
  • Durable steel body with natural wooden decorative sides

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Main Features

  • Bright clean sound with rich overtones
  • Unique technology
  • Main sound + octave harmonics
  • Beautiful original design
  • Custom scales and designs available
  • Premium materials
  • High quality workmanship

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