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Multi Fx Box is a preamp, Equalizer and effect pedal in stomp box format. It can be used for amplifying and improving of the sound of electric or acoustic (with built-in pickups) instruments. It was designed especially for tongue drums and handpans but of course one can use it with guitars, violins or any other instruments. It is made from maple or ash wood, isolated with copper foil and has a stainless steel back.

Multi Fx Box has 3 effects: Delay, Chorus and Reverberation. Comes with power supply and 2 cables

Price: 210.00$

Multi Fx Module by Zen percussion was created especially for our model Guda Fx tongue drum, but very soon it becomes popular among musicians that play different musical instruments. We decided to create more powerful electronics to replace Guda Fx first generation internal electronics. i.e. Guda Fx of the second generation has only the internal pickups, and all other electronics were put inside the Multi Fx module

So, what is the Multi Fx module by Zen Percussion? This is the universal effect pedal that is recommended for a wide range of acoustic and electric instruments, especially for tongue drums, handpans, guitars and other. It has the internal analog preamp (based on FET) that not only amplifies the sound but gives it more dynamics and color. Also, it has the 2-way equalizer with Bass and Treble knobs. EQ helps you to find the desired sound for each instrument and taste. By adjusting Bass and Treble knobs, you can add more brightness and clearness or better low end and solidness to the sound.

And of course, Multi Fx module has effects onboard. We installed three effects inside the pedal: analog chorus, hybrid delay (with clear analog signal and digitally processed sound) and digital reverberation effect. You can use your pedal with one of these effects or combine them all together. 

Multi Fx module is made from the single piece of natural wood (ash, oak or maple), has a  polished stainless lid at the bottom. Comes with two cables and 9V power supply. 


Main knobs, inputs/outputs, and footswitches:

  1. 1/4" INPUT
  2. 1/4" OUTPUT
  3. Power in
  4. Volume knob
  5. Treble boost/cut
  6. Bass boost/cut
  7. Reverb volume
  8. Delay Mix - the amount of the Delay effect.Turn clockwise to enhance processed signal. Turn counterclockwise to decrease the mound of delayed sound 
  9. Delay-Repeat - the number of repeats  i.e. how much times will the processed signal repeat 
  10. Delay Time - the "length" of the delay effect. Turn at minimum to get short repeats and turn to maximum to get long delay
  11. Chorus Depth - the amount of the Chorus effect
  12. Chorus Rate - the speed of the Chorus effect. Turn at maximum to get fast repeats (vibrato). Turn counterclockwise to get more prolonged sound 
  13. Reverb ON/OFF footswitch - enables Reverb effect. The second press disables Reverb
  14. Delay and Chorus ON/OFF footswitch - enables Delay and Chorus effects. The second press disables Delay and Chorus 


Main Features

  • Bright clean sound with rich overtones
  • Unique technology
  • Main sound + octave harmonics
  • Beautiful original design
  • Custom scales and designs available
  • Premium materials
  • High quality workmanship

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