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GUDA-Fx: Instructions (for discontinued Guda Fx of first generation)

GUDA-Fx is a new generation of tongue drums. We equip our standart GUDA with built-in electronics (full analog). The basic model has 4 pickups inside, built-in preamplifier, 2-band equalizer and reverberation effect. Next models have +1 additional effect for choice - gain (sensitivity), delay, chorus or phaser. We make 5 types of GUDA-Fx at the moment: GUDA-Fx: GUDA-FX (basic model), GUDA-Fx(+Delay), GUDA-Fx(+Chorus), GUDA-Fx(+Gain)  The control knobs for all types of GUDA-Fx :

  • Volume kbob (for all types)
  • Low frequencies boost/cut (for all types)
  • High frequencies boost/cut (for all types)
  • Reverb control knob (for all types)
  • Delay control knob: tempo (for GUDA-Fx+Delay)
  • Delay control knob: mix (for GUDA-Fx+Delay)
  • Chorus control knob: tempo (for GUDA-Fx+Chorus)
  • Chorus control knob: depth (for GUDA-Fx+Chorus)
  • Sensitivity control knob (for GUDA-Fx+Gain)

9V Power IN and Audio Output Jack are located at the back side of the GUDASocket for a 9V battery is located inside the instrument

Terms of use for GUDA-Fx:

GUDA-Fx can work from 9V battery or from 9V (BOSS type, center negative) power supply (comes with with the instrument). 

How to start:
  1. Push the battery in the slot 3 or plug in the power supply in the slot 1 (Power In)
  2. Plugin the audio cable in the Audio Out (2) and to your amplifier (combo, mixer, etc.)
  3. Turn on your amplifier
  4. Have fun!

For the first time we advice to set all knobs for minimum level. Then start to turn "Volume" knob clockwise until you will hear the sound. Try to set "Volume", "High" and "Bass" knobs for 50%. You can add bass for more warm and solid sound or you can add highs for more bright sound. If your amplifier begins to wheeze or you hear any other unpleasant sounds, you should lower the EQ or Volume knobs.

Once you get used to setting the tone, try using Reverb effect. Reverb gives some volume and clearness, also in can be used for slap echo effects on max level

Try to turn "Reverb" control knob for 20-35%.  This is smooth level of reverberation, the room or the hall effect. If you turn it for 50% and more, you can hear something like cave or echo effect

After you get the understanding of the basic controls, try to use Delay or Chorus effect.

Delay has 2 knobs. "Mix" knobs sets the level of your delayed signal. Use this preset carefully - high levels of Mix can produce unpleasant buzz. Also, if you set Volume, High and Bass knobs for high levels, it can overload the delay and produce some distortion. Use "Tempo" knob to set the speed of the delay effect

Chorus has also 2 knobs - the "Tempo control" and the "Depth". Set the Depth control at 20-30% and the Tempo at 20-50%. You can feel that your sound became more thicker and mellower with some bluring. If you set the Chorus control knobs to max levels. you can get some spacy and weird effects.


Knobs and sockets of GUDA-Fx: 

GUDA-Fx (basic model)

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GUDA-Fx (+Gain)

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GUDA-Fx (+Delay)

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GUDA-Fx (+Chorus)

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Main Features

  • Bright clean sound with rich overtones
  • Unique technology
  • Main sound + octave harmonics
  • Beautiful original design
  • Custom scales and designs available
  • Premium materials
  • High quality workmanship

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