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Фризби, "Фарфоровый" дизайн

Freezbee tongue drum with elite "Porcelain" design. GUDA Freezbee by Zen Percussion is the compact tongue drum model which costs as tank drum but has the traditional Zen-Percussion quality. It is made of stainless steel. This item was manually decorated with painting and engraving. Freezbee drum has percussive sound with some wooden overtones. It comes with a free rope decoration and mallets. Freezbee bag is optional and could be ordered for additional 40$. 

Price: 345.00$

This Guda Freezbee has a unique "Porcelain" design. This is a multilayer design, a combination of handmade painting and engraving. 

  • 8 notes
  • "Porcelain" design
  • Scale: could have any scale, on demand
  • Diameter: 35,0 cm
  • Height: 8,7 cm
  • Weight: 2,0 kg
  • Materials: stainless steel
  • Steel thickness: 1,5 mm
  • Free woven decorative rope

Freezbee "Porcelain" design. Arcane scale



Main Features

  • Bright clean sound with rich overtones
  • Unique technology
  • Main sound + octave harmonics
  • Beautiful original design
  • Custom scales and designs available
  • Premium materials
  • High quality workmanship

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