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Ortus Brass Bass is the premium Guda model, with the deepest sound and the widest range of tones. Particularly this instrument has A minor pentatonic scale (A) C D E G  A С D E G A (we also call it African) and 11 triple tongues - each tongue has 2 octaves, i.e. main tone+octave+second octave

The instrument comes with a free quality bag, rope decoration, and mallets. The instrument on the photo is without design but we can make any design by your choice (the price depends on the complexity of design).

Price: 800$ 760.00$

Guda Ortus Bass has the deepest tone (I guess not only among the Guda models). Larger sizes (44 cm  diameter), goblet shape, massive aluminum bottom and of course the brass top are the key factors of low and warm sound. Also Guda Ortus Bass has excellent sustain and overall sound quality. Triple tongue construction and 11 tongues give player extended capabilities.

And of course, as all other models of Guda by Zen Percussion, Guda Bass is absolutely immune to rust

  • Brass top
  • Massive aluminum bottom
  • 11 triple tongues
  • Deep sound
  • Rust resistant
  • Goblet shape
  • Diameter: 44 cm
  • Free bag, rope decoration, mallets
  • Optional: any design available
  • Optional: wooden stand

Guda Ortus ULTRA Bass. Minor pentatonic scale (A2). Performed by Anatoliy Gernadenko

Guda Ortus Ultra Bass model. Minor pentatonic scale

Guda Bass Ortus (11 tongues).Minor pentatonic scale



Main Features

  • Bright clean sound with rich overtones
  • Unique technology
  • Main sound + octave harmonics
  • Beautiful original design
  • Custom scales and designs available
  • Premium materials
  • High quality workmanship

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